Aries Cerat Symphonia Horn Loaded Speakers

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The Symphonia speaker is our new pride , the result of a 5 year old R&D journey, in horn speaker engineering.

High frequency reproduction
The HF transducer, is a customized highest quality true Al foil ribbon, made from RAAL company.
This is loaded with a specially designed and unique shaped horn, to dramatically alter the parameters and performance of the tweeter.

The unique shaped tweeter horn, is a Zero Diffraction horn, with a 360 degree continuous flare, eliminating all possible diffraction in vertical and horizontal axis, delivering perfect performance in frequency and time domain, with unmatched transient and distortion figures, by any other HF transducer technology used.
The horn body is made from solid wood.

Midrange reproduction
The midrange horn is made from solid wood, it’s unique flare is designed to eliminate all possible diffractions, which all other horns suffer from, and are part of their sound character.
We completely eliminate diffraction coloration, which smears transients, with our 360 degree bullet-shaped solid-wood horns.
The driver used is large format (4inch diaphragm) titanium driver, with a massive magnetic system(11kg magnet weight).

The midrange acoustic level can be altered via a multitap transformer, for tuning the speaker according to each room’s acoustics.

Midbass-bass reproduction.
We believe that bass delivered from horn loaded drivers are unmatched in performance, as long as the horn in properly designed.
Folded horns suffer from three major factors.

-First is their usually shorter length for the bandwidth used. Shorter horns and small mouth-area bass-horns, have large frequency response ripples, and strong coloration.
-Second, the horn is usually not properly folded, as the horn flare is formed by conical sections of wooden sheets, with a sharp angles and many parallel surfaces, trying to resemble something like a horn flare.

-Horns and bass horns in particular, submit their internal walls to extreme pressures. Plain sheets of wood are just not appropriate for this task.

Our solution
The Bass horn used, is a 3.3m long horn with very large mouth area for the bandwidth used, providing excellent performance in bass extension and weight, with the lowest coloration than any other folded horn.

The horn flare ,is a true tractrix flare , formed by stacked sheets of plywood, carved to formed a true 3.3m long tractrix horn, properly folded without any internal sharp angles and geometrical deviation from a the tracrtix flare.
The stacked plywood construction, provides 10 times the stiffness (along the horn axis), compared to conical horns formed by sheets of wood, also constructed with much reduced weight/stiffness ratio, providing minimum energy storage.

Filter design.
The external crossover, consists of three constant group delay filters. A constant group delay filter, is our own proprietary design, which alters the attenuation slopes of the driver filters, to shape the phase(and doing so the GD)in such a way ,as to provide maximum GD linearity.
Using this specific filter technology to the physically time aligned horns, the Symphonia speaker present time domain performance which is near perfect, and a frequency response with a maximum deviation of +-0.5db (250Hz-20KHz).


Sensitivity : 101db
Frequency response(-3db) : 32Hz~100Khz

Weight: 170 each

Dimensions : 930mmW X 1300mmH X 880mmD

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