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Isotek - Demystifying Mains Conditioning - Saturday July 27th

Isotek - Demystifying Mains Conditioning - Saturday July 27th

Adam T

Saturday July 27th - 10am till 6pm.

We have all heard and many of us experienced the age-old HiFi tale of listening to your system at the dead of night and it sounding dramatically better! Can a few extra kettles boiling before EastEnders really affect your HiFi that much! Well, we are joined by a representative from Isotek to not only explain why but also demonstrate the effects that mains conditioning can have.

There will be multiple systems running throughout the day using Isotek mains conditioning products and power cabling.

A fantastic deal for the day, any purchases made will receive 15% off Isotek electronics and 20% off any cabling.

Refreshments will be available throughout the day.

Sign up for free tickets from the link below:

Main System:

Isotek EVO3 Super Titan 32 Amp

Isotek EVO3 Genesis 20Amp

Mark Levinson No 523 Pre

Mark Levinson No 536 Monos (Pair)

Chord Electronics Blu Mk II

Chord Electronics DAVE

Aurender N10

Revel Studio 20 Speakers

Room 2:

Isotek Genesis EVO3 One

Isotek Sirus EVO3

Linn Akurate DS

YBA Passion IA350A

YBA Passion CD430

Marten Duke 2 Speakers

Room 3

Isotek Aquarius vs Isotek Sirus EVO3

YBA Heritage A200

YBA Heritage CD100

KEF R5 Speakers

Headphone Bar

Various selection of headphone and amps to try out. Testing Polaris vs Sirius mains strips.