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Open Day Ortofon - The Cartridge Experience Tour - Saturday 13th July

Open Day Ortofon -  The Cartridge Experience Tour - Saturday 13th July

Adam T

Saturday 13th July Start Time 10am 

First Talk 11am

Second Talk 2pm

Ortofon are heading off on tour, across the country and their first stop is here at Nintronics! The Cartridge Experience Tour will take visitors on a journey through the Ortofon range, starting with the 2M Red at £95.00 and climaxing with the new flagship MC Anna Diamond at £7,250.00.

During the events, visitors will learn more about Ortofon – the world’s oldest and most respected manufacturer of phono pick-up cartridges – and also the importance of cartridges in a vinyl hi-fi system. The presentation will also cover the various stages in each Ortofon product series, explaining the difference between Red, Blue, Bronze and Black cartridges across the 2M, Quintet and Cadenza models.

The event will end with an extended playback of the new MC Anna Diamond cartridge, representing the very best sound you can achieve from a good vinyl hi-fi system. There will also be an opportunity to talk with analogue experts about specific questions you may have.

Plus between the two talks there will be plenty of time to play your own music, so feel free to bring along a few albums you wish to try out.

Refreshments will be available throughout the day.

Please book your tickets through the following link:

System 1)

SME 30/12, SME V-12 Arm running the MC Anna Diamond £40k

Musical Fidlity NuVista 800 £8799

Musical Fidelity NuVista Vinyl £3299

Focal Scala EVO Speakers £27995

System 2)

Pro-ject Signature 10, Ortofon Cadenza Black £5995

YBA Genesis IA3A Pre £3200

YBA Genesis A6 Power £3750

YBA Genesis PH1 Phono Stage £1800

KEF Reference 1 Speakers £4500

System 3)

Project Debut Carbon, Ortofon Red £349

Project Tube Box DS £375

AudioLab 6000A £599

B&W 606 Speakers £549