McIntosh MX170 A/V Processor


Experience movies in the comfort of your home theater with the brilliance of 4K Ultra HD, the vividness of High Dynamic Range (HDR), and the immersiveness of 3D surround sound like never before with the MX170 A/V Processor. Complete with the latest in home theater technology, the MX170 has everything needed to deliver a breathtaking audio and cinema experience.

When it comes to the video requirements of a modern home theater, the MX170 home theater processor has everything you need. It has 8 HDMI inputs and 4 HDMI outputs that are powered by the newest and most powerful HDMI processors available. Each HDMI port is HDCP 2.2/2.3 and has 18Gbps of bandwidth to fully support 4K Ultra HD picture quality and full 4:4:4 color spacing. Audio Return Channel (ARC) capabilities are featured on 3 of the outputs, while the 4th features Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) functionality. eARC offers improved bandwidth so higher resolution audio can be sent from your TV to the MX170 to deliver the best sound quality possible.

HDR formats HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG are also fully supported by the MX170. When watching a video mastered in one of these formats, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in color, contrast and brightness on your screen. A special HDBaseT output is included to prevent signal loss or degradation when there is a long distance between your MX170 and the screen. It also has 3D video pass-through, so you can be right in the middle of the action when watching your favorite 3D movies.

On the audio side, the MX170 is compatible with all the leading object-based, 3D surround sound formats including Dolby® Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D® to give you a truly immersive theater experience. It includes sophisticated RoomPerfect room correction technology that will measure and adjust the audio output to compensate for the specific acoustic properties of your room and make every seat in the house the best seat in the house. The MX170 combined with RoomPerfect will give you a home theater surround sound system with optimized frequency response, calibrated speaker volumes, and bass control that perfectly combines your speakers with your subwoofer(s). You’ll also gain added flexibility in speaker selection and placement.

To produce this immersive home theater experience, the MX170 features balanced outputs for a 15.1 surround sound speaker configuration. This allows you to have a multitude of speakers in your home theater to create an enveloping cinematic soundstage. If you don’t have that many surround sound speakers, 4 of the outputs can be used to bi-amp some of your speakers or to drive additional subwoofers.

The MX170 comes with a full suite of digital inputs including 4 optical, 3 coaxial and 1 USB that each accept up to 24-bit/192kHz signals, plus 1 digital balanced input. There’s also a complete complement of analog audio inputs comprised of 2 balanced and 4 unbalanced inputs, a phono input and a 7.1 multichannel unbalanced input. It features some of the latest analog to digital convertor technology to maximize the audio quality of your analog sources. All analog and digital devices can be custom named to simplify system operation; their volume levels can be matched to eliminate jarring changes in volume when transitioning between sources. Bass and treble controls offer further audio fine-tuning.

The MX170 takes advantage of the latest advancements in processing power to run cooler while performing better than any previous McIntosh home theater processor. Its easy to use and robust setup program allows for great customization and optimization based on your needs. It has the timeless and sought-after McIntosh look of a black glass front panel, control knobs, illuminated logo and custom aluminum end caps. It can be paired with a variety of amplifiers and speakers to make a complete home theater system. 

Multi-Channel Outputs Balanced 15.1
Multi-Channel Inputs Unbalanced 7.1
Multi-Channel Outputs Unbalanced 0
Stereo Inputs Balanced 2
Stereo Inputs Unbalanced 5
(including 1 Moving Magnet Phono)
Stereo Outputs Unbalanced 1 (Zone B)
Digital Coaxial Input 3
Digital Coaxial Output 1 (Zone B)
Digital Optical Input 4
AES/EBU Balanced Input 1
HDMI Input 8
HDMI Output 4
HDBT Output 1
USB 2 Type A
1 Type B for digital audio (2.0, 24-bit/192kHz Asynchronous)
Component Input 0
Component Output 0
Composite Input 0
Composite Output 0
Subwoofer 2 Output 4 auxiliary outputs
Network Connection 2
Max # of audio channels in Zone A 16
Additional Zone Outputs Zone B: Analog and digital audio outputs
Advanced Connections Ethernet Web interface and firmware update, IP-based control
Resolution and Refresh Rates 4K/60Hz
HDCP 2.2/2.3
4:4:4 Color Yes
Rec. 2020 (BT.2020) Yes
3D video pass-through Yes
Dynamic Lip-sync No
ARC Yes (on 1 output)
eARC Yes (on 1 output)
Video Scaling No
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG
Quick Media Switching (QMS) No
Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) No
Quick Frame Transport (QFT) No
Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) No
Total Harmonic Distortion (DSP Bypass) 0.01%
Dolby Processing Dolby Atmos, Dolby Surround Upmixer
DTS Processing DTS-X, Neural:X Surround Upmixer
Auro Processing Auro 3D, Auro-Matic, Auro 9.1, 10.1, 11.1
Pure Stereo DSP Bypass Mode No
MPEG-H Audio No
360 Reality Audio No
IMAX Enhanced
Room Correction RoomPerfect
Third Party Control RS232, Web IP, IR Input
Tone Controls Bass and Treble with adjustable frequency
OSD Overlay on HDMI Output No
Input-Output Format Indicators 9 in and 9 out
Control of McIntosh Sources Yes, wired with data cables
Channel Formats 15.1, 11.1 (7.1.4), 7.1, 5.1, Stereo
Microphone and stand included Yes
Network Features Ethernet Control and Setup
Unique Crossover Frequency, Each Speaker Yes
Special Features Up to 64 input capability, 4 assignable auxiliary channels
Unit Dimensions (W x H x D) 17-1/2" (44.45cm) x 7-5/8" (19.37cm) (including feet) x 19-1/2" (49.53cm) (including front panel, knobs, and rear panel connections)
Unit Weight 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
Shipping Weight 54 lbs (24.5 kg)
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