A Quick Catch Up!

A Quick Catch Up!

Nintronics New Product Now in Store – October 2020

We are pleased to announce a number of new products added to the list of audio equipment now on demonstration at our store in Welwyn Garden City.  Some are new product ranges from existing suppliers, and some are new brands taken on by Nintronics.

Marten Speakers New Parker Range – Marten have introduced the new Parker range of speakers which sits in the middle of their extensive range.  All come with new custom designed ceramic main drivers and enhanced cabinets and exclusive to the Marten range all Parker series speakers feature rear firing passive radiators.  The Parker range also introduces new isolation pucks on which the speakers stand, they were designed in collaboration with IsoAcoustics.

The Parker range comprising the Duo, a two-way stand-mount with matching stand, the Trio a three way floor stander and the Quintet a five way floor stander, all with rear facing passive radiators are available in Piano Walnut, Matte Walnut and Piano Black finishes.  All Marten speakers are wired internally with Jorma Design cables.  All models can be upgraded to the Elite with the addition of the Marten pure diamond tweeter and enhanced internal wiring, crossover components and terminals.

Primary Control Tonearms and Turntables – These high end unipivot tonearms are manufactured in The Netherlands and feature German Engineering.

We have started our relationship with Primary Control by taking on for demonstration their Arrow Tonearm and their Kinea Direct Drive Low Torque Turntable. The turntable features a 360mm diameter platter and a plinth made of a 5 layer compound material and weighing in at 35 Kg.  It can accept arms from 9” to 13”.  The tonearm is a standard pivot arm featuring ceramic hybrid bearings and a frictionless magnetic anti-skating device.

Further up the range Primary Control have redefined the unipivot design philosophy by loading of the bearing by the use of a special designed magnet and a field coil, powered by a constant current source, eliminates bearing chatter and gives the tonearm a high torsional stability. The centre of gravity and the bearing point are in the same plane; thus, the tonearm is in neutral balance. The bearing point is 18mm below the headshell and is therefore at the height of the record.

The Arrow Tonearm and Kinea Turntable will be in store for demonstration later this month.  The unipivot arms are available for demonstration by prior appointment only.

Hana Cartridges – We are pleased to add the Hana Moving Coil range of hand assembled cartridges to our product range.  Hana are designed and manufactured in Japan where ‘Hana’ means “Brilliant and Gorgeous”. Hana, who have been designing and making cartridges for more than 40 years provide the best compromise between cost and performance.

Wolf Von Langer Speakers – Are handmade in Germany and feature Field Coil Power Supplies to provide direct control of the speaker’s magnets and drive units.  We currently have the WVL 12639 SON speakers in store for demonstration.  The 12” mid-base cone driver sits in a traditional sealed box arrangement whilst the ribbon tweeter sits in a free-standing clear Perspex frame magnetically attached atop the base enclosure.  They really must be heard as they offer a clarity of sound like no other.

Mola Mola Integrated Amplifiers and DAC/Streamer – Named after the ‘wonderfully weird Ocean Sunfish’ Mola Mola has developed Class D amplification to the point of total audiophile acceptance and we are pleased to add their amp and DAC/Streamer to our product range. 

We now have in store ready for demonstration the Kula integrated amp and the Tambaqui DAC.  The Kula integrated amp features 3 balanced and 3 unbalanced inputs and provides 150w into 8Ω and 300w into 4Ω speaker loads.  It can also be specified with a phono and/or a DAC module which is virtually identical to the Tambaqui stand-alone DAC also now in stock.  The Integrated DAC provides Roon Ready streaming and PCM up to 384kHz/32 bits.  The Tambaqui DAC features Optical and S/PDIF, AES/EBU (XLR), USB type B, Ethernet for streaming, Bluetooth and HDMI inputs and Balanced XLR outputs.

MSB Technology Amplifiers and DAC’s – Lead by brothers Jonathan and Daniel this Silicon Valley based company build DAC;s. transports and amplifiers of the highest audiophile quality and we are pleased to have them onboard.  They have been designing DAC’s for more than 25 years and we now have their Discrete DAC in store ready for demonstration late October.  Other products from the MSB range can be available for demonstration by prior appointment.

MSB DAC’s feature discrete ladder DAC technology first implemented by MSB in 1999.  The Discrete DAC features two of their fully balanced prime DAC modules.  All MSB Dac’s are fully customisable with add on plug-in modules that include USB and network streaming inputs.  The DAC comes as standard with a single power supply but it can also be specified with second discrete power supply that optimises power isolation of all components.

Audiovector Speakers – The complete range of Audiovector speakers from the R1 to the R8 are now in stock for demonstration purposes.  Based in Copenhagen in Denmark they have been making speakers since 1979. Each speaker range comprises a Signature, Avantgarde and Arette model with the Arette featuring an AMT tweeter and Freedom Grounding system (the Grounding cable is at additional cost).

All Audiovector speakers feature high quality cabinets with non-parallel teardrop shapes to minimise internal reflections. Standard finishes are available but custom paint finishes are also available.

The R6 Arette features an AMT Tweeter and a pair of forward firing mid-range drivers.  They also include a 3” rear firing mid-range unit and internally an isobaric configuration comprising a 6.5” internal woofer and an 8” internal downward firing woofer.

We made sure to have the AudioVector R1 speakers in both the Signature and Arette series, so if you wish you can hear the difference between the upgraded models.

Gryphon Audio Designs Pantheon speakers – Joining our full range of Gryphon amplifiers already on demonstration are the Pantheon Speakers. These have just arrived and are being run in for demonstrations to start later this month.  The Pantheon features an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter, dual 5” midrange and dual 8” base drivers.  All Gryphon speakers feature constant phase technologies with an onboard battery-operated phase checker to ensure all drive units are always in phase together.  The front baffle of the Pantheon allows for accurate time alignment of the drive units and the baffle has an overall thickness of 7cm.

These are simply outstanding speakers and must be heard.  They are currently being run in for demonstration and will be available for demo from the Monday 12th once they have run in nicely.

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