Home cinema design and installation specialists

Since our incorporation in 2008, we have designed hundreds of cinemas over the year spread across all budgets and types, from discrete cinemas hidden away in living rooms through to dedicated theatre rooms. We will work with your existing teams where needed and can provide everything from wiring schematics to 3D renderings of your cinema.We are happy to put our experience into good practice to help you plan and build your perfect cinema.


The tricky part is balancing a functional living area with a performance cinema solution. We will listen to your criteria or work with your interior designer to tailor a bespoke solution for you. To keep things minimal and the impact big, we employ a range of methods to hide your cinema when it's not in use but have it all come alive at the press of a button.

  • Recessed Motorised Screens: We all want a big screen in our homes but fitting an 8ft+ screen to our wall is not usually an option in a living room. We can look at hiding the screen behind a pelmet or keep it entirely recessed in the ceiling to keep the footprint minimal.
  • Projector Lifts: We have a range of lifts to cover most requirements, from different drop heights as well as accommodating various size and weight projectors.
  • In-wall / In-ceiling speakers and subwoofers: We have at our disposal the finest brands of architectural speakers, including Bowers and Wilkins, KEF, Paradigm and James Audio. We have options to suit most budgets and requirements, all with optimal performance at the heart of their designs.
  • Curtain call: A cinema room needs to be dark for a projector image to really pop, but your living room needs to be light. We work with a range of curtain fitters and blackout blind companies to help control ambient light levels. These can be fully motorised, acoustically treated and even recessed away.


Building an extension, outbuilding or converting a garage into a cinema? Well, planning is the key here, so if possible, give us a call early in the process so that we can discuss all your options. We will be happy to work and coordinate with your contractors to be as efficient as possible in creating and building your ideal Cinema room.

  • Sound Proofing: We are not only wanting to prevent sound from leaking out but also, and just as critical, make sure no unwanted noise enters your cinema. Additionally, the lower the dB floor you can get the more detail you will hear, especially in those quiet passages.
  • Acoustic Treatment: We will plan and implement an acoustic treatment solution for your room based around the speaker position and seating area to maximise performance in that room. There is a vast range of colours and finishes available so that they can be incorporated into the room seamlessly.
  • Design: If you have a colour scheme or theme planned, we will take this into account. We can even incorporate it in your seating as the companies we deal with will allow you the choice the colour of leather and stitching to suit your tastes.
  • Seating: Kick back and relax in comfort. We use a range of cinema seating companies, all of whom will add comfort and luxury to your cinema. From a single seat to bespoke configurations or even designs that include a mini-fridge, all is possible here.
  • Star Light Ceiling: Want the classic cinema look? A starlight ceiling is an excellent feature option to have.


From small to large cinemas, we will specify the best solution for your budget. We take into account the sound pressure level (SPL) and amplifiers required to drive the speakers to hit reference levels. Further to this focus, envelopment and seat to seat consistency all need to be factored in early to your build so that the result is an exceptional cinema for everyone to enjoy. Wiring, speaker positions, projector position and screen size are just a few things that need to be taken in to account to make sure this happens.


Processor, Blu-ray player, Skybox, lights, air-con the list of possible controllable devices in a home cinema room seems never-ending. Want one remote to rule them all? We have control4, RTI and Crestron programmers who will help bring this all together. Press one button and watch the lights dim, and everything else come alive without complication.


Fantastic user experience and unrivalled performance make this an essential source for your cinema room. We have this on demonstration in our Welwyn Garden facilities for you to experience.


The key to turning some fantastic equipment into an incredible cinematic experience is perfect calibration. This is where our expertise really shines and the years of calibrating cinemas pay off, we will make sure your cinema is finely tuned and optimised to your requirements.

To start the design of your cinema simply give us a call on 01707 320 788 and book a demonstration.