Analogue And Digital - A Talk By Matthias Boede - Saturday 24th August

Analogue And Digital - A Talk By Matthias Boede - Saturday 24th August

We are pleased to announce that on the Saturday 24th August we will be joined by Matthias Boede (former editor-in-chief of STEREO magazine in Germany) for a demonstration and talk on analogue and digital sources.

Matthias is an incredible wealth of knowledge and has some unique and exceptional recordings and mediums to hand which help demonstrate different sound experiences; complete with friendly, practical advice on how to achieve a better, more enjoyable sound at home.

Turntable. SME 30/12 
Phono Stage. Nagra VPS
Power supply. Nagra Classic PSU
Pre amplifier. Nagra Classic Pre 
Power amplifier. Nagra Classic x2
Dac. Nagra Tube Dac 
CD player. Nagra CDC 
Streamer. Aurender N10

Speakers: Avantgarde Zero

We will also have a further two demonstration rooms playing some fantastic systems for you to try out. 

As ever there will be refreshments available on the day and time to play your own music so feel free to bring along a record or two.

Also, there are some healthy offers to be had on the day from our support brands - Aurender, Avantgarde, Bel Canto, Boulder, Nagra, Siltech, SME and YG Acoustics. 

There will be two talks 11am and 2.30pm. To book your tickets please use the link below:

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