Bergmann Turntables - A Different Approach

Bergmann Turntables - A Different Approach

Bergmann Turntables Brief Introduction – A Different Approach 

Bergmann Audio from Denmark has been around since 2008 when they introduced their first turntable. Their range now includes turntables and arms which follow a design philosophy and engineering path different from traditional turntable designs. The most significant features employed by Bergmann are the use of an air cushion for both the platter and the tonearm, the tonearm itself being linear tracking rather than the more conventional pivotal designs. The ideal of using a thin air cushion to support the platter or the tonearm is to remove any potential bearing noise and to increase isolation. The linear tracking design of the tonearm is to ensure the stylus is always tracking perfectly in line with the cutting of the record. The Bergmann product range includes three turntables, Modi, Magne and Galder plus two linear tracking tonearms, Thor and Odin. 

The Modi is the entry level turntable, benefiting from the air bearing platter. It is solidly machined (as are all of the other Bergmann products), weighing in at 17.5kg. Although Bergmann focus and supply linear tracking tonearms the Modi is designed to also support any pivotal 9 and 12 inch tonearms. It is typically matched with the Thor tonearm. 

The Magne is an integrated turntable plus tonearm package, the air pump providing supply to both the platter and the tonearm. Speed accuracy is claimed to be within 0.003%. 

The Galder turntable comes in three variants, the Galder, the Galder Signature and the top of the range Gold Edition which adds 24 karat gold plating for the really luxurious look and feel. The turntable is typically matched with the Odin tonearm. 

The Thor and Odin tonearms will typically be matched to the Modi and Galder turntables respectively, but could potentially be fitted to any turntable. Both are linear tracking and air bearing. 

The air cushion is generated from a separate pump unit that can be located away from the turntable. Much of the engineering focus has been on the pump to ensure that it is as close to noiseless as possible to avoid any distraction in the listening room and to ensure that it delivers an even air supply to the turntable and tonearm. The pump is an oil free, long life unit and the air supply is fully filtered. 

Figure 1: The Bergmann Galder with Odin Tonearm at Nintronics 

The top of the range Galder turntable has an additional design feature available, the “Vacuum hold down”. In addition to the use of the air cushion, a vacuum is created below the record to ensure stable contact with the platter across the whole of the record. When an LP is placed on the platter a record clamp is used for the centre, but the edge of the platter has a small raised rim and when the clamp is placed on the centre a vacuum is created under the LP pulling the entirety of the LP into contact with the platter, reducing wow and flutter during playback. Neat! 

The full Bergmann turntables are available for demonstration at Nintronics.



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