Blog Post / AMG / April 2024

Blog Post / AMG / April 2024

When AMG is mentioned, visions of finely tuned engines & exemplary German engineering spring to mind. While this association may hold true for a particular automotive marque, it equally applies to the 'other' AMG - Analog Manufaktur Germany and its range of exceptional turntables. Analog Manufaktur Germany, akin to its automotive counterpart, elevates an established craft to extraordinary heights through meticulous craftsmanship, top-tier materials & an unwavering commitment to design.

Founded in 2011 by Werner Röschlau, whose background as a commercial pilot & master mechanical engineer provided him with a unique perspective bridging the worlds of aviation & mechanical engineering, AMG swiftly emerged onto the scene. Harnessing his technical prowess & passion for Hi-Fi & audio engineering, Röschlau's inaugural 9W1 tonearm design marked the genesis of the AMG's marque. Over time, Julian Lorenzi, the founder's son, joined the endeavour, infusing it with his creative flair & steadfast dedication, propelling the company forward.

Today, AMG stands as a powerhouse of ingenuity. From its meticulously crafted tonearms & oversized platters, to its innovative sub-chassis design, which seamlessly integrates polyoxymethylene polymer & solid slabs of exquisitely milled metal, every aspect exudes a harmonious blend of understated elegance & precision engineering.

Spanning from the compact Gyro MkII to the visually striking Viella & culminating in the statement Viella Forte, each turntable, paired with one of AMG's five tonearm options, delivers an enchanting musical experience characterised by depth, expansive soundstage & unparalleled fluidity. Noteworthy is the pitchblack audio background, mirroring the solidity of the metalwork, which allows the music to emerge with lifelike realism & impact. This achievement owes much to the deliberate placement of an external power supply, ensuring that noisy elements are kept at bay from the turntable's sensitive playback components.

AMG's range transcends mere aesthetics, embodying the ethos that form follows function. The result is as much a work of art as it is a feat of engineering, promising years of auditory delight while retaining timeless allure and effortless sophistication. Indeed, experiencing the entry-level Gyro MkII underscores that AMG's performance isn't exclusive to car enthusiasts - it's for music lovers as well!

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