COVID 19 - Update 3

COVID 19 - Update 3

Sadly we back into another lockdown period but hopefully it will be brief and effective at what it is trying to achieve, as so many businesses have suffered greatly during this past year it will be a shame if this lockdown is drawn out.

For Nintronics Audio this means we will be closing our showroom down, but as before we will still be opportating for tech support, phone sales, and online orders. We will still be running a range of home demo services as well. Our opening hours are reduced now to Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm.

Last lockdown luckily we were able to cope with the massive increase in demand for home demonstrations as we have such a large portfolio of demonstration goods in our showroom and warehouses. We also often run 2 or 3 of the more popular items now to be able to accomodate more home loans.

We can be contacted on our usual number 01707 320 788 or feel free to drop us an email at and we will be happy to help.

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