Cyrus Open Day Saturday 3rd December

Cyrus Open Day Saturday 3rd December

We are pleased to be hosting a Cyrus open day on Saturday 3rd December. It has been a while since we have hosted anything with Cyrus and glad for the timing of this one as not only will we have their MD Nick Clarke giving a presentation and Q+A session about everything Cyrus, but he will also be demonstrating their latest product the PSU-XR. The PSU upgrade path has always been a staple part of Cyrus’s offering and the PSU-XR brings this upgradability to their XR range.

“Able to deliver ‘exact’ power requirements to three different circuits on the host product, the PSU-XR significantly enhances the performance of any XR product it is used with. Advanced, microprocessor controls, relay switching, completely separated ‘Grounds’ to virtually eliminate the transfer of ‘noise’ and a future-proof architecture are just some of the special features of this upgrade power supply.”

Further to this, we will have two further rooms demonstrating Cyrus products and some special deals for any purchases made on the day!

Main System:

  1. Cyrus Pre-XR
  2. Cyrus PSU-XR
  3. Cyrus Mono x300
  4. Innous Zenith
  5. KEF Blades

Drinks and refreshments will be available throughout the day.

If you wish to book please click here for tickets

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