Cyrus Road Show - 19th October

Cyrus Road Show - 19th October

The Cyrus Roadshow show comes to Nintronics on Saturday 19th October. As well as being a fantastic opportunity to listen to a few Cyrus systems singing at their finest, we will also have representatives from Cyrus giving a few presentations throughout the day addressing some of their latest innovations.

It is an exciting time for Cyrus with a major restructuring which will see them being pushed to the forefront of British HiFi, and part of that momentum is their latest product not yet released but we will be oh so lucky to have a sneak preview and demonstration to hand. It certainly shows an interesting direction which Cyrus is taking and their capability as an engineering firm in delivering this type of new product which is a world first in some respects.

We will have Cyrus MD Simon Freethy joining us to give a presentation about two other exciting aspects of Cyrus... Firstly, the QXR DAC brings Cyrus up to date in the digital realms and can also be retro fitted to many of their products. Second, will be a talk on Class D Amplification which Cyrus has built from the ground up and is allowing them to achieve even more from their small sized chassis.

Drinks and refreshments will be available throughout the day.

As a show promotion, we will be offering 15% off on any Cyrus products purchased on the day and also include a 3 month Qobuz subscription.

To top things off we will also be running a little competition with the prize being a pair of Cyrus SoundBuds.

Tickets can be reserved through eventbrite by clicking here

There will be three talks on the day:

1) 10.30am - Cyrus Latest Product Introduction
2) 1.30pm - QXR DAC
3) 3.30pm - Class D amplification

Systems playing on the day:

System 1:

Cyrus Stream X Signature
Cyrus Signature XP DAC
Cyrus PSX-R2
Cyrus Signature Mono x300 Monos
KEF Blade

System 2:

We will be demonstrating the latest product so we will give nothing away now

System 3:

Cyrus Pre2 QXR
Cyrus PSX-R2
Cyrus Stereo 200
Monitor Audio Gold 200

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