Fischer & Fischer Speakers now available at Nintronics

Fischer & Fischer Speakers now available at Nintronics

We are delighted to announce the addition of the Fischer & Fischer range of super high-performance loudspeakers to our reference lineup here at Nintronics. This exceptional brand leverages innovative cabinetry materials and design, coupled with cutting-edge driver technology, to present a truly exceptional product, both in its sonic performance and visual appeal. These speakers are poised to redefine expectations and challenge what can be achieved within a specific size and budget.

Harking from the beautiful rural town of Schmallenberg in Germany, Fischer & Fischer was founded in 1981 by Thomas Fischer and Heinz Fischer. Their inaugural model, the SN 2, marked the inception of an illustrious journey into the audiophile loudspeaker market. Committed to enduring quality and the pursuit of excellence, subsequent years were spent refining the acoustic characteristics of cabinet materials and crafting bespoke electronic components. These years of development proved fruitful and ultimately led to the discovery and application of natural slate throughout the entire loudspeaker range.

Natural slate has some interesting and unique properties that make it a particularly suitable material for use in loudspeaker cabinet construction. Beyond the timeless aesthetic that natural slate brings, its unique flaky, layered structure and substantial mass, means that the material showcases exceptional acoustic properties, characterised by minimal re-sounding or echoing. Unlike traditional wooden loudspeaker cabinets, which often absorb energy and induce chassis-born vibrations, both internal and external, slate cabinets ensure that the loudspeaker's full energy is harnessed to best energise the surrounding air. This yields a heightened dynamic response in the bass region for a given cabinet volume, but moreover, this absence of baffle resonance or cabinet colouration guarantees a cleaner output across the entire frequency spectrum. The result being that music is reproduced with unparalleled clarity, separation, and detail, surpassing that of more traditional loudspeakers, all whilst maintaining true reference levels of acoustic speed and tonal response.

From the diminutive SN/SL 70, to the flagship SN/SL 1000.1AMT behemoth, the Fischer & Fischer range caters for all room sizes and system variables. With a nominal sensitivity, sleek profile and ample output, there’s an ideal model for every listening environment. For those inclined towards a rugged exterior, the natural SN finish may appeal, whereas enthusiasts of clean lines will be drawn to the polished exteriors of the SL version, featuring meticulously ground and planed cabinet sides - there’s even the option to have them painted, say you wished to match your vehicle or a perhaps a specific wall colour.

Listening to these exceptional loudspeakers has been a revelation. They effortlessly draw you in, yet avoid the pitfalls that can make other speakers demanding, fatiguing, or confined to their own space. The soundstage is expansively broad and deep, transcending the boundaries of the cabinet, and offering just the right balance of weight and control to deliver a truly immersive musical experience. Even at varying volumes, they maintain composure and nuance, allowing every delicate detail of a recording to pour out naturally into the room.

Their lack of colouration doesn't equate to sterility or emotional detachment, as often seen in other highmass cabinet designs. On the contrary, these slate wonders liberate the tone and expression of a musical performance, offering a transparent and authentic presentation. Once experienced, their sonic signature becomes unforgettable and forever associated with Fischer & Fischer's unique design ethos. There is simply nothing else that looks or sounds quite like them – and we couldn’t be happier.

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