Introducing Mythical Creatures - Saturday 11th Feb

Introducing Mythical Creatures - Saturday 11th Feb

No, we are not participating in the 420 culture and taking a magical trip with mythical beasts but instead, we are going to be teaming up with AudioQuest to showcase their Mythical Creatures range of cables on Saturday 11th Feb. This is a fantastic day to come to experience what high-end cables have to offer as we will be having demonstrating throughout the day showing the progression as you go further up the range.

We know cabling can be a contentious issue in the HiFi world, with very polarised opinions of it making no difference to it being the vital key that brings your system synergy together. So, with this open day, there is no pressure to buy, tickets are free and there are even refreshments on offer, so why not come and experience what this passive part of the system can do and judge for yourself?

There will be some exclusive deals available on the day and some seriously high end systems.

Please sign up using the link below:

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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