Introduction To Naim XS 3 + Supernait 3

Introduction To Naim XS 3 + Supernait 3

On Saturday, August 10th, Nintronics will be holding a special event to introduce you to the new Naim SUPERNAIT 3 and NAIT X3 integrated amplifiers.

The Nintronics event marks the first NAIT integrated amplifiers to be released in six years.

Naim Audio's research and development team have been working on amplifier improvements, resulting in upgraded power amplifier sections for both the NAIT XS3 and SUPERNAIT 3. The third-generation integrated amplifiers deliver greater pace while retaining their musical performance – whether it's driving a pair of loudspeakers or your favourite pair of headphones.

Additionally, both have received significant performance upgrades, including a built-in phono stage, making them ideal for turntables, as well as for streamers, CD players, or any other music source you want to enjoy with the signature Naim sound.

SUPERNAIT 3 boasts a Class A preamp output stage that doubles as a headphone amplifier. Meanwhile, inside, ceramic heatsink technology minimises capacitive coupling between the chassis and output transistors for optimum sound quality.

Furthermore, the SUPERNAIT's inputs are each individually decoupled and hand-wired to minimise noise and interference while internal switching employs ultra-low-noise, constant current sources which are derived directly from the electronic design of the flagship NAC 552 preamplifier.

The NAIT XS 3 offers much of the performance of the reference quality SUPERNAIT 3 in a simpler, slimmer package. Here you get a 70W power amplifier with five analogue inputs plus a phono stage. The high-performance preamplifier stage is as transparent as you would expect from a Naim Audio amplifier. The NAIT X3 also shares the single-ended class-A headphone output of its larger sibling.

Trust us when we say that you really have to experience the new NAITs for yourself. We know that you will not regret doing so.

Contact us to book a place as we are confident that this will be an extremely popular event.
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