Jorma Cables Review - Part 2

Jorma Cables Review - Part 2

Equipment Reviews – Jorma Design Cables – Part 2 Origo RCA Interconnect

Shortly after completing my recent review of Jorma Design cables I happened across a 1m pair of Jorma Origo interconnects in the showroom and decided to bring them home for a listen.  Inserted between a CD Payer and my Michi P5 preamp I was ready to start.  All other components were my normal system as described in previous reviews.

Replacing my own Jorma Trinity RCA Interconnects the Origo gave an immediate and noticeable improvement across the entire audio range. With seemingly wider soundstage, increased detail and separation of instruments and vocals the Origo has the ability to draw a listener further into the musical experience.

It’s easy to see why the Origo range is our best seller because it is the sweet spot in the range offering the biggest improvement for the outlay.  For sure cables higher up the Jorma range offer more of everything but the cost associated with these improvements may be beyond what most of us can allocate to a cable or component upgrade.

Every album I played was better and listening to ‘The Mass’ by Era is a good example of how much more listening enjoyment the Origo brings to the event.  Even my odd collection of Christmas CD’s sounded better.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to audition the Origo speaker leads at home, again temporarily replacing my Jorma Trinity cables.  I can only describe this as a significant component upgrade and the Origo RCA had the same impact.  In many cases inserting one or more of the Jorma Origo cables into a system achieves a bigger all-around improvement than a change of source, speaker or amplifier.  You really have to hear them to appreciate how good they are.

You might assume I was using one of the source CD players I have reviewed recently such as the Gryphon Scorpio S, the Esoteric Transport/DAC pairing or the amazing Nagra CDC but no, I was listening via a 1991 Sony CD player from their distinctive ES range.  This show how good CD playback has always been and how relevant it remains today. 

At £3,950 for a 1m set of Jorma Origo interconnects (or XLR if you prefer) the cables are not cheap and are in fact more than 10 times the current value of my Sony CD Player but the point here is that you should consider cables as a definite upgrade path no matter what system components to pair them with. 

Bob at Team Nintronics – December 2020.

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