KEF Blade Meta + Reference Meta Series Open Day

KEF Blade Meta + Reference Meta Series Open Day

The KEF Reference and Blade series have now been updated and we are thoroughly excited to be receiving our demo stock shortly (sometime this week hopefully). This should give us plenty of time to have everything run in and sounding fantastic ready for our KEF open day on the 26th March, tickets for this can be found here.

We will be hosting a talk and Q&A from Dr Jack Oclee-Brown Vice President of Technology at KEF. This will be between 11 - 12. The rest of the day will be more informal with three demo rooms set up with varying systems showing off the new Blade meta and Reference Meta speakers.

Terry of Pursuit Perfect System will be down for the day as well. 


The Full Line up of the new range can be found here

A lot looks familiar with the new range, the Blade and Reference series has the same line up as before, Blade 2 models, Reference has five Models (one Standmount, two floorstanders and two centre channels) with the same size and designs as before… So one might be forgiven for initially mistaking the new model for old that is until the music plays! We were fortunate enough to go to an pre-release showcasing for the Reference series, got to speak with the designers and most importantly have a listen. From the moment the Reference 1 Meta speakers played it was captivating and considering they were playing in an 8m x 12m room with no treatment they were seriously impressive. I’ve installed enough Reference 1 speakers over the years to know they have improved upon the acoustic signature in every dimension.

So apart from a few new colour options what has changed! Metamaterial Absorption Technology is one of the most fundamental differences, enough so that they put Meta in the title of the new range. This is a complex labyrinth-like design, which has specifically calculated channels that funnel and absorb varying frequencies, meaning by the end of it there is nearly a 99% efficiency in the absorption of unwanted sound.

The Uni-Q drive unit which has been part of KEF designs for decades is now in its 12th generation and has seen a host of upgrades from utilising cutting-edge simulation and analysis tools to identify every area for improvement. The new stiffened tweeter dome which sits at the heart of the Uni-Q drive unit can deliver sweet and lucid treble even at louder levels compared to its predecessor. A new ultra-low distortion midrange motor design uses a copper ring embedded into the motor gap to minimise inductance and variation of inductance with coil position. This lowers the midrange THD and reduces thermal compression, leading to improved efficiency.  A new driver surround is designed to allow longer excursion without causing diffraction and extending the frequency range of the mid-frequency. That’s just to name a few, KEF has gone to town and the results of these innovations and developments of their 12th Gen Uni-Q with MAT drive unit is transparency and life-like sound that is the heart and soul of the new Reference and Blade series.

The cabinets are designed using finite element analysis to determine the ideal shape and bracing geometry to minimise secondary radiation from the sides, with Constrained Layer Damping applied to turn what little vibration is left into heat.


The nice touch with KEF’s Blade and Reference models is that on top of all the cutting-edge developments in sound reproduction is their uncompromising build standard. Every speaker is hand-built by KEF’s master craftsmen in Maidstone, Kent and they just exudes sheer quality. They are tested to the KEF’s “Reference” standards, a benchmark of incredibly tight and demanding tolerances, which is why you are always guaranteed such an incredible sound and experience from KEF Blade and Reference speakers.

Available Models

  • Blade One Meta: £30,000
  • Blade Two Meta: £22,500
  • Reference 5 Meta: £17,500
  • Reference 3 Meta: £11,500
  • Reference 1 Meta: £7,500
  • Reference 4 Meta: £6,500
  • Reference 2 Meta: £4,750
  • S-RF1 Floor Stand: £1,000
  • REF 8b Subwoofer: £6,000

The Reference mixes three cabinet finishes and five driver colours: Satin Walnut/Silver, High-Gloss White/Blue, High-Gloss White Champagne, High-Gloss Black/Grey, High-Gloss Black/Copper. The Blades offers an even great selection and there will be the ability to completely custom the finishes further down the line (premium cost).

Trade in and trade up, we offer a generous trade in program to help make your next upgrade easier and more seamless.

Nationwide Installation – With the Blade and Reference series we will send out our engineers to install and maximise their potential in your system. While we are there we can also collect any trade in pieces at the same time.

If you want to book a demonstration on the new series or get a quote for upgrading, then either drop us an email at or give us a call on 01707 320 788 to discuss.

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