KEF Event - A Day In Photos

KEF Event - A Day In Photos

Despite everything that is happening in the world right now, we managed to host our KEF open day without being effected earlier this month. We’d like to thank everyone that attended and also give a special thanks to the Chord Company, REL and KEF.

Here are a few snapshots of the event with more to follow from our friends over at Pursuit Perfect System and HifiPig.

Our main system was quite the stunner with the Iconic KEF Blades teamed with 6 REL subs.

Dr Jack Oclee Brown gave a fantastic presentation about the history of KEF and the design of the Uni Q driver that definitely drew in a big crowd

A/B comparisons of different cables was a great way to see the difference that cables can make. A brilliant job from Patrick of Chord Company.

Patrick also unveiled the prototype for the new English Electric network switch

The LS50 Wireless is such a good option for someone wanting a capable and great sounding system at a very affordable price. Plug & play, it just simply works.

Our home cinema system proved that the more affordable R series from KEF can deliver a versatile sound that stands up to it's more expensive competition with designs and features taken straight from the Reference series

The LS50 Wireless comes in some funky colours. We teamed up the very affordable KEF Q150 with a Naim Uniti Atom to make a very simple but great sounding system.

Class A valve amplifiers bring a brilliant warmth to the sound of a system and also a lot of heat to the room you're using them in.

A close up of the Uni Q driver on the tiny KEF LSX.

We don't yet know when our next event will be, but we hope that it will be as much of a blast as this one. Remember that everything that was at the event is available for purchase from Nintronics and if you need any advice about KEF or any of our other brands please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Harry Smith

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