KEF R Meta Series now on Demo.

KEF R Meta Series now on Demo.

We are excited to announce we finally have the new KEF R Meta series of speakers out on demonstration. With the new 12th Gen Uni-Q driver and META technology trickling down, this series promises to deliver an unparalleled listening experience that will redefine your expectations of what's possible for a speaker of this price point.

The R Meta series features five models, the R5 Meta, R7 Meta, R11 Meta, R3 Meta, and the R2c Meta center channel speaker.

A quick round up of the range:

  • The R5 Meta is a slim and elegant two-way floorstanding speaker. It boasts the 12th generation Uni-Q® driver array with MAT™ and two 5.25” hybrid aluminium bass drivers. Retail £3000/pair

  • The R7 Meta is also a two-way floorstanding speaker, with a larger cabinet volume and two 6.5" hybrid aluminium cones it has a deeper frequency response over the R5 Meta. Retail £4000/pair 

  • The R11 Meta is the largest floorstanding speaker in the series, with a three-way Uni-Q driver array featuring four 6.5 inch that delivers a frequency range of 30 Hz - 50 kHz (-6db).Retail £5500/pair.

  • The R3 Meta is a true three-way stand mount speaker that is perfect for smaller listening environments. Retail £1900/Pair

  • The R2 Meta and R6 Meta are the two new Centre channels in the range. R2 Meta is designed to run with the R5 or R7 and the R6 Meta more for systems containing the R7 or R11 as fronts. Retail R2 Meta £1200 and R6 Meta £1600

  • R8 Meta is an upfiring Dolby Atmos height speaker when placed ontop of your fronts but also can serve as a surround or rear speaker with the integrated wall mount feature. Retail £1400/Pair

In summary, the KEF R Meta series offers a wide range of options for every listening environment, with outstanding specifications that promise to deliver an exceptional listening experience. Whether you are a looking for a two channel or serious home cinema system, these speakers are sure to exceed your expectations.

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