Stretch Those Quads / 7th June 2024

Stretch Those Quads / 7th June 2024


If you like your Hi-Fi big, bold, beautiful & blue, then the McIntosh C55 pre-amplifier & MC1.25KW quadbalanced power amplifiers are a match made in audiophile heaven. Expertly showcasing McIntosh's legacy of superb audio engineering & irrepressible, iconic design. Together, these two formidable components, demand to be seen as much as heard, with both aspects able to put a broad smile on your face - it really is hard to not fall for them, bright blue & green lights & all!


The Flexible Magic McIntosh C55


The McIntosh C55 pre-amplifier is designed for those who demand fidelity & practicality, with no corners cut in the process. The C55 delivers that by offering 16 inputs, including both analogue & digital, making this unit incredibly versatile. Add to this the DA2 Digital Audio Module, with its quad-balanced, 8-channel, 32-bit architecture, & you have premium conversion quality that supports anything up to DSD512 & DXD 384kHz…if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, it just means that there is nothing it cannot play! The C55 also features an 8-band analogue equaliser, allowing you to fine-tune the sound to match your own personal preferences, which is a rarity but, of course, can be completely bypassed as required. Its multiple output options, including support for bi-amping, allow it to work seamlessly with both valve & solid-state power amplifiers in any combination. McIntosh also includes their ‘Processor Loop’ feature, making it super simple to integrate an external AV processor & consolidate both cinema & Hi-Fi worlds without compromise.


Stretch Those Quads!


On the power side, the MC1.25KW amplifier is an absolute powerhouse, delivering 1,200 watts per channel. Its quad-balanced design cancels out noise, ensuring a bottomless reserve of clean & transparent current that can drive any speaker load - or perhaps jump-start a dragster, should the need arise! Of course, this colossal beast would not be a ‘Mac’ without the iconic blue watt meters & ‘Power Guard’ technology, the latter protecting your speakers at all times by preventing clipping & adjusting the signal as necessary. The tank-like construction & efficient heat management of the MC1.25KW allow it to maintain ultra highpower performance without compromising on reliability or sound quality. This makes it a perfect match for anyone who appreciates & demands both power & precision from their setups. On its own, the MC1.25KW is a formidable creation, but when all that muscle is combined with the resolving capabilities of the C55 pre, then the real magic happens!


Perfect Synergy in Operation


Pairing the McIntosh C55 pre-amplifier with the MC1.25KW power amplifiers produces a genuine ‘more than the sum of its parts’ moment. It is a system that instantly makes its presence known & is both incredibly powerful & supremely detailed. But it’s the way these elements combine so cohesively that is the true revelation. The openness & dexterity of the C55 marries perfectly to the raw, full-blooded power of the MC1.25’s, creating a hugely dynamic, yet superbly nuanced musical image, one that is palpable, entertaining & highly addictive. For those who seek the ultimate experience this combination encapsulates the very best of McIntosh’s engineering & design heritage, delivering an unmatched listening experience & a wonderful visual treat.


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