TEKTRON Arrives At Nintronics

TEKTRON Arrives At Nintronics

TEKTRON Arrives at Nintronics

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Tektron amplifier range to Nintronics extensive list of products now available for demo.

Tektron are based in Italy and have been in business since 1985 when they first specialised in repairing and restoring old valve (tube) radios. They now produce a range of mostly valve class A low output amplifiers including preamps, power amps, integrated amps, headphone and phono stage amplifiers. Utilising single-ended and push-pull valve designs they have two distinctive ranges, the high-end Masterpiece series and the more affordable and traditional Heritage Classic (TK One) and Heritage Evolution (TK Two) series. Tektron amplifiers are designed to be used with very efficient speakers such as those from Cube Audio and Tektron even go so far as to include a link to Cube Audio on their websites home page. Nintronics do of course sell and demo both Tektron and Cube so where better to hear these amplifiers and speakers working together.

Tektron uses a variety of NOS (new old stock) and modern valves in their designs including a selection of output valves such as the 300B, 2A3, 211, KT88, 120, 150 and even the very new KT170. Their amps can be specified with a mix of tubes to meet the end users specific needs, for instance their TK TWO amplifier can be specified as follows: 1.8W / Channel with one 45 — 3.6W / Channel with two 45– 3.4W / Channel with one 2A3 — 6,8W/ Channel with two 2A3 — 2,5W / Channel with one PX4 — 5W with two PX4 / — 7W / Channel with one 300B — 14W / Channel with two 300B — 9W with one 300B XLS / Channel — 18W / Channel with two 300B XLS.

We have been listening to the TK ONE-i Single Ended integrated amplifier which can be supplied with a pair of KT88 or 6550 output valves and a pair of ECC82 (12AU7) input valves. Our demo unit has the KT88’s installed. This is a minimalist amplifier with just two front panel controls for input selection and a volume control which can be activated by the included remote control. We listened using a streaming source and our demo set of Cube Nenuphar Mini Mk2 (91dB sensitivity) which are ideally suited to Tektron amplifiers. The TK ONE KT88 drove the speakers to higher levels than expected with lots of open detail and that sought after lack of grain that comes from all valve amplifier designs. Does it do bass? Well yes it does but don’t expect subterranean levels of grip and bass that only higher powered and mostly solid-state amplifiers can offer. Nonetheless the bass generated by the TK One when used with highly efficient speakers is detailed and dynamic but it is in the midrange where this amplifier excels offering a sweet and inviting sound that draws you in and keeps hold of your attention for long listening sessions.

I would recommend using the methacrylate clear valve cage cover as it protects you from accidently touching the power valves which generate considerable heat and indeed this is strongly recommended by Tektron.

The TK ONE – KT88-i integrated amplifier has the following specification:

· Three line level inputs, all on RCA

· One pair of speaker outputs per channel

· Weighs in at 11Kg

· Measures 340mm wide, 230mm deep, 235mm high with tube guard in place

· 10w per channel – or 13w depending on tubes specified

· 4-8ohm impedance (other impedance available on request)

· Frequency range of 14-35,000Hz

· Valve compliment – KT88 x 2 (can be specified with 6550 x 2), ECC82 x 2

· Cabinets made of solid wood with various types available

· Polished copper top plates as standard or brass by request.

· Supplied with a basic remote control for motorised volume and on/off only

· Point to point internal wiring, no PCBs used.

Retailing at £2,950 (depending on output valves specified) the TK ONE is a compact device designed with simplicity and best sound quality in mind. At this price point there is little real opposition for low powered all valve amplification and if this is what you are looking for then please book a demo with us to hear for yourself what the TK One KT88 and Cube Audio combination can do together.

We also have on demo at Nintronics the TK-TWO Preamp (£4,650) and TK-TWO 211-1 Integrated Amp XLR+RCA (£11,950).

The spec for the TK-TWO 211 is as follows:

· Three line level inputs, two on RCA and one on XLR

· One pair of speaker outputs per channel

· Weighs in at 35Kg

· Measures 490mm wide, 350mm deep, 290mm high with tube guard in place

· 18w per channel

· 4-8ohm impedance (other impedance available on request)

· Frequency range of 14-35,000Hz

· Valve compliment – 211 x 2, 6sn7 x 2, OC3 x 1 – OD3 x 1, 5R4 x 2, 6X5 x 1

The TK-TWO Preamp is specified as follows:

  • Three line level inputs, all on RCA
  • Weighs in at 1.8Kg
  • Measures 420mm wide, 280mm deep, 220mm high with tube guard in place
  • Frequency range of 14-55,000Hz
  • Valve compliment – 6J5 x 2, 6X5 x 2

Call us on 01707 320788 to book a demo.

Team Nintronics – October 2022

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