This is where we get the most from your system. You've taken the time to have a demonstration, listen to our advice and picked a system that works for both your ears and budget and also can be accommodated in your room but to then simply plonk it down just does not cut the mustard at this point. The position of your speakers, angle of toe-in, rake, seating position and other factors will determine the end performance of your speakers in your room. Furthermore, these elements can be the difference between a system being dull and with no bass weight, to being one with tremendous depth and width of the soundstage, producing perfect placement of the instruments and vocals and possessing plenty of bass weight.

When installing your speakers, our technicians will get the most from your system, and as much as subjective measurements can help we always perform extensive critical listening to conclude it has that musical, foot-tapping sound as well as being emotionally involving.


We mainly work with ARC and DIRAC; however, if your receiver has Audyssey, MCACC, YPAO or even a 1/3 Octave EQ, we can calibrate it.

The modern AV receiver/processor will do far more than just be a parametric EQ, it will also address impulse response control, magnitude response control, channel gain control, and phase inversion control, but this does not sort out every sin and cannot be solely relied upon to get your system working optimally.

Before we start any digital calibration of your system, we will always start with listening to the system and mechanically tuning the system to the room first. Speaker, Subwoofer and seating positioning are all crucial for smooth bass response and an enveloping sound stage with smooth panning effects. So, in systems not employing in-wall speakers, we will generally tweak their positioning to best suit the room. The result of this is less processing to correct errors, which leads to a dramatic gain in sonic performance.

The next stage is to mic up the room and carry out sweeps. Depending on the system being calibrated, there are several steps here to get the system optimised, and our engineers will squeeze every inch of performance out for you.