Isotek - Demystifying Mains Conditioning - Saturday July 27th

Isotek - Demystifying Mains Conditioning - Saturday July 27th

Demonstrating Isotek Mains Condition plus special deals on the day - 15% off Electronics and 20% off cabling. 

It was a superb day all round and may customers heard the benefits of adding conditioning in line to their systems. Stephen from Isotek was kind enough to write up afew words about why IsoTek mains condition is a good investment for your system:

"IsoTek was founded almost twenty years ago with the aim of providing solutions to the effects of poor mains quality on audio and visual systems.

Mains electricity is the first input into your audio system, but unfortunately, this supply is distorted by many different factors before it even reaches your components.

Everything we plug into our mains not only draws power but also creates and “dumps” noise and distortion back onto the supply. This is particularly the case with LED lighting and the switch-mode power supplies now commonly used with electrical products, but anything with a power supply, from your fridge to your own hifi equipment creates this problem.

Audio systems are also negatively affected by Radio Frequency interference (or “Common Mode Noise”) and this problem is increasing all the time with the proliferation of wireless devices around our homes.

Poor quality, noisy mains causes very audible degradation to the performance of your audio system. This can manifest itself as boomy, vague bass, masking of low-level details and harsh mid and treble frequencies.

IsoTek products do not “improve” your hifi system as such, they let you hear what it should sound like in the first place. Without clean power you are only hearing (at best) 80% of what your system is capable of!

It’s very easy and straightforward to upgrade your audio or visual system with IsoTek. There is a wide range of products suitable for all budgets and they are organised into four levels: Discovery, Performance, Select and Ultimate.

Firstly, we recommend that you get rid of the standard IEC power cord that is given away with almost every hi-fi component. These are not fit for purpose and are not referred to as “kettle leads” for nothing!

They are made for pennies and their only intention is to get electricity from the socket to your components without electrocuting you. The quality of the conductors is very poor and there is no shielding from electromagnetic fields or RFI, thus making them unsuitable for use in a quality audio system. Simply swapping these for the IsoTek Premier cables with bring significant audible improvements.

There is a wide choice of power conditioning devices from the two-outlet Gemini to the Ultimate Series Genesis regenerator and Super Titan high-current power solution.

Each step up the range provides an easily recognised improvement in sound quality.

Every IsoTek product has unique technology and they have all been designed specifically for audio and AV systems. There are no cheap off-the-shelf filters in their products and every one of the mains filters includes protection from mains surges using a special cascade system instead of a more severe clamping system found on lesser devices. This system is more akin to a car’s ABS system and does not have a negative effect on your hi fi system’s dynamic performance.

There are some specialised products in the range too: The Syncro products (Syncro Uni and Syncro cable) incorporate a unique re-balancing circuit that blocks DC from the mains thus reducing or even eliminating transformer hum.

The Mini Mira is a filter designed for AV applications. Its unique Triple Resonance Filter is compatible with all screen types and visual sources and the effect it has on picture quality is immediately apparent.

Whatever your HI Fi or AV system, there is an IsoTek product that will give you more clarity and definition and unlock your system’s full potential."

Saturday July 27th - 10am till 6pm.

We have all heard and many of us experienced the age-old HiFi tale of listening to your system at the dead of night and it sounding dramatically better! Can a few extra kettles boiling before EastEnders really affect your HiFi that much! Well, we are joined by a representative from Isotek to not only explain why but also demonstrate the effects that mains conditioning can have.

There will be multiple systems running throughout the day using Isotek mains conditioning products and power cabling.

A fantastic deal for the day, any purchases made will receive 15% off Isotek electronics and 20% off any cabling.

Refreshments will be available throughout the day.

Sign up for free tickets from the link below:


Main System:

Isotek EVO3 Super Titan 32 Amp

Isotek EVO3 Genesis 20Amp

Mark Levinson No 523 Pre

Mark Levinson No 536 Monos (Pair)

Chord Electronics Blu Mk II

Chord Electronics DAVE

Aurender N10

Revel Studio 20 Speakers


Room 2:

Isotek Genesis EVO3 One

Isotek Sirus EVO3

Linn Akurate DS

YBA Passion IA350A

YBA Passion CD430

Marten Duke 2 Speakers


Room 3

Isotek Aquarius vs Isotek Sirus EVO3

YBA Heritage A200

YBA Heritage CD100

KEF R5 Speakers


Headphone Bar

Various selection of headphone and amps to try out. Testing Polaris vs Sirius mains strips.

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