Linn LP12 Event - Includes Free Mini Service - Saturday 23rd November

Linn LP12 Event - Includes Free Mini Service - Saturday 23rd November

Another exciting open day here at Nintronics, Saturday 23rd November… We are running a Linn LP12 open day where we will be offering a free mini service for your LP12!! This will cover:

  1. Health check: A report back on the general condition of your LP12 covering all aspects such as wear to the spindle, motor and belt etc.
  2. Change bearing oil
  3. General clean including Motor pulley, belt and deck.
  4. Clean and inspect stylus
  5. Rebalance Suspension
  6. Check cartridge alignment and tonearm balance. Corrected if needed.
  7. Perform Audio Tests

One lucky person will also be upgraded foc to a full service which covers a complete strip down and rebuild, plus changing out springs, bushes, nuts and washers.

Part of our health check will highlight wear and tear to parts but also show any potential upgrade paths for you. There will be healthy deals available for any upgrades that are booked on the day.

We will also have special deals available for any upgrades to Arms (Linn or otherwise) and Cartridges.

Also, we will be running free firmware update for your Linn equipment, in case you are not confident with using Konfig. We will can do this on the day for you, simply bring your unit in with you and we can do the rest.

Our open days are not complete without plenty of music playing, our main demo will be show casing the difference between a Majik, Akurate and Klimax turntables. We will be using all three wired through an Akurate DSM and Klimax 500 amps driving a pair of Gryphon Mojo S Stand Mount speakers.

We will run two slots dedicated to going through the models and demonstrating the differences.

Presentation 1 @ 11.30 Presentation 2 @ 2.30

Drinks and refreshments will be available throughout the day.

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