Open Day - Subs And HiFi

Open Day - Subs And HiFi

Subs and Hi fi, we will be partnering up with REL Acoustics to show you the merits of adding a sub bass system (or two) to your HiFi!!

Saturday, April 27th. Starts 10am finishes 6pm.

The aim of the open day is to show how correctly integrating a sub-bass system in to your HiFi system, will help underpin your speakers, providing extension further down into the frequency range, open up your sound stage and give a little more body to the overall sound... All without being apparent where the subs are located.

Now that’s just a very short explanation of the gains and we will delve into further depths on the day itself with representatives from REL being present… but to demonstrate our point we will have three systems set up on the day.

System 1)

  • Focal Maestros Utopia EVO III
  • REL Acoustics No 25 x 2
  • McIntosh McIntosh C1100
  • McIntosh MC611 monos
  • Aurender ACS10 Server
  • Chord Electronics DAVE DAC

System 2)

  • Chord Electronics Hugo TT2
  • Chord Electronics M-Scaler
  • Chord Electronics TToby
  • B&W 804 D3 Speakers
  • REL Acoustics S3 SHO (Pair)

System 3)

  • Arcam AVR850
  • KEF R7 Fronts
  • KEF R2C Centre
  • KEF R3 Surround Sides
  • REL 212 Subwoofer
  • REL HT1205 (LFE Duties)
  • REL T7i (Centre)

Refreshments will be available on the day. We look forward to seeing you on the day.

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