The AMG, Gryphon & Marten Connection

The AMG, Gryphon & Marten Connection

The AMG, Gryphon & Marten Connection / 31st May 2024

This week we assembled a system showcasing the formidable talents of the AMG Viella turntable, paired with the understated elegance of Gryphon’s newest Essence pre / power amplification & all brought to life by the effortlessly musical (& remarkably good-looking!) Marten Parker Trio Diamond Edition speakers.

Despite their diverse origins, these components all share a common trait - their deceptive simplicity. Each exudes composure & elegance, beautifully concealing the advanced technology & intricate craftsmanship behind their designs.

The lozenge-shaped AMG Viella is both sculptural & functional, with the platter's radius perfectly mirroring the substantial metal sub-chassis beneath it. Every curvaceous design cue reflects a cohesive, harmonious aesthetic. Even the arm-board is crafted from a perfectly circular billet of metal, emphasising the seamless integration of engineering & aesthetics. Pictures can only do so much justice & this turntable really must be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

The Gryphon Essence is another marvel of understated design. Unlike Gryphon's typical designs, which often feature exposed fins, oversized heatsinks & their trademark mythical creature emblem, the Essence opts for a more domestically harmonious appearance. It retains the brand’s hallmark features - anodised metal, significant weight & hugely powerful toroidal transformers - yet only the inset triangular glass display hints at its more extravagant lineage. The result is a refreshingly contemporary look that complements any home environment & promises to age gracefully, providing you with listening pleasure for years to come.

Completing this ensemble are the Marten Parker Trio speakers, featuring an enhanced diamond high-frequency driver & a striking piano black finish. Every time I see the Trio’s, I always note how perfectly proportioned they are; broad enough to house generous mid & bass drivers, yet slim enough to avoid overwhelming the room in which they are placed. Its a rare trait, believe me. Their meticulous design includes flawlessly painted rounded corners, a highly polished metal baffle behind the diamond tweeter, precision-shaped hexagonal grilles & artfully crafted feet.

Together, these components create a symphony of sound that perfectly matches their sophisticated appearance. They radiate confidence, coolness & composure on the outside, whilst subtly drawing you in with their passionate heart & soul. The sound is characterised by musical integrity, allowing the listener to
relax in its presence by exuding absolute confidence & a total absence of noise. However, should you feel the need to increase the volume, the system reveals even greater potential, delivering huge dynamic swings, extreme transparency & a formidable, chest-hitting bass that can bring smiles to even the most serious of listeners. In short, this system embodies a form of ‘bottled joy’ that looks timeless & will last a lifetime.

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