At Nintronics we want you to be delighted with your latest Hi-Fi purchase.

To help narrow down the options and identify the right products for you, we employ several different methods. Our Hi-Fi and Home Cinema Demo Suites are acoustically treated, letting you hear the pieces of equipment's signature rather than the sound of our room. Combined with our trained and experienced staff asking you the appropriate questions regarding room size, layout, seating position etc., this will help us identify the right product(s) for you.

We will always encourage you to come into the store for a demonstration to start the process, but we also highly recommend you to take up our home loan/demonstration service so you can validate your choice in the room you'll be hearing it in and be 100% confident in your purchase.

We offer a 14 day home loan service so you can hear the product(s) in the comfort of your home, to test the synergy with your system and room. This enables you to spend some quality time with your selection to see if it is ultimately the right upgrade/purchase for you.

On particular goods, we also offer a home demonstration service, where our team will deliver set up and calibrate the product in question so it will be ready for you to test and enjoy over your trial period. We understand the logistics of moving High-End Hi-Fi products about and getting them correctly set up, so this is an ideal way if you want to experience your next upgrade in all its splendour without any hassles.