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Custom Design

Custom Design Kef Ref 1 108 Speaker Stands

Custom Design Kef Ref 1 108 Speaker Stands

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     Kef Ref 1 Speaker Stands FS 108 are designed to position the listening experience to the perfect height for Kef customers with the highest performance requirement. Kef Ref 1 FS 108 Speaker stands provide a complete, rigid, isolating platform for the Kef Ref 1 speaker to operate at the maximum performance. This can be achieved through the integrity of the speaker stands design, the number of supporting columns, the engineering incorporated in to the design, the type and number of fixings, the built in specialist isolation, acoustic steel isolation and constrained layer dampening system, the 4mm acoustic steel converts resonance energy through absorption and conversion to negligible heat. The quality and thickness of materials involved,  only oiled and pickled mild steel used for a quality and superior surface finish. 

    The Kef Ref 1 speaker stands are designed and manufactured by Custom Design to provide the perfect isolating platform, solution for speaker cabinets. Isolating in the strongest position of the cabinet, the corners. Speaker cabinets resonate, therefore the best possible isolation point would be the corners which resonate the least. That is why Custom Design provide an optional standard range of top plate dimensions and provide a custom made service for our customers to achieve the best possible listening experience and sound performance from their HiFi system.

    Innovation is an integral part of Custom Design. Innovation is part of our company's culture and one of the main reasons for our success over the last 35 years.

    The quadri central column design are manufactured from ERW EN 10305-3 steel tube and can be easily mass loaded with our specialist speaker stand mass loading material, Inert Filler which is an optional extra and highly recommended with all Custom Design high end speaker stand designs.

    The Kef Ref 1 Speaker Stands, FS 108 are the Definitive Speaker Support Stand Range, includes an open frame, 4 satellite support column design to provide the ultimate in rigidity and performance in speaker support stand manufacturing. The performance improvements are substantial, like all the FS range, and especially the FS 108 Definitive Speaker Support Stand range add more detail to the dynamic range which seems large, spacious and open with sensitivity and inky blackness depth to the bass with total control to the performance . Stereo imaging and precision timing enhance the excitement to your listening experience all with control and accuracy. The Kef Ref 1  FS 108 Speaker Stands are totally unique and the ultimate in rigidity which separates from any other speaker stand design or arrangement or procedure.
    The satellite support columns are available in Black as standard with Chrome and Brushed Chrome finish optional extra. The laser precision cut, hand made and hand finished 4mm acoustic steel top plates are manufactured to 200 x 320mm standard dimensions, custom option available on request.

    Designed to be the ultimate, the definitive in speaker stand support performance, the octal column design provides total integrity with an absolute foundation for our customers who enjoy music with an exciting and dynamic performance.

    Rigidity is proven integral design feature which improves sound performance. The Custom Design philosophy  of multi column supports provides superior sound quality and performance over traditional single column support design speaker stands.

    Kef Ref 1 Speaker stand  Acoustic Steel Top Support 200 x 320 x 4mm
    Kef Ref 1 Speaker stand Base plate dimension 255 x 375 x 5mm oiled and pickled mild steel
    M8 Black Zinc Plated Easy Access Allen key Adjusting Base Isolation Spikes and Covers supplied as standard. 
    Available heights 510mm (20") and 610mm (24") ( Custom Height available on request)
    Standard finish: Black - Satellite supports: Black or Polished Chrome and Brushed Chrome optional extra.
    Inert filler specialist speaker stand mass loading dampening material 13kg a box, 8 bags per box,  2 bags recommended per central column 610mm (24")

    Kef Ref 1 FS 108 Hand made 4mm Acoustic Steel Top Plate Isolation 200 x 320 x 4mm 

    Kef Ref 1 FS 108 CR4 precision laser cut out Base Plate dimension 255 x 375 x 5mm 



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    Custom Design Kef Ref 1 108 Speaker Stands
    Custom Design Kef Ref 1 108 Speaker Stands

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    Custom Design Kef Ref 1 108 Speaker Stands
    Custom Design Kef Ref 1 108 Speaker Stands



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