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Emotiva Big Ego+ USB DAC

Emotiva Big Ego+ USB DAC

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    The Big Ego+ is an audiophile quality stereo USB DAC which will enable you get the best sound quality possible from your CD quality and high resolution digital audio files and streaming content. The Big Ego+ supports PCM files and streams at sample rates up to 32/384k, and includes a built-in high quality headphone amplifier, separate line level analog and Toslink optical outputs, three user selectable oversampling filters, and a switchable headphone blend mode. The Big Ego+ offers the features of our popular original Big Ego DAC, but we've refined the internal circuitry to sound even better, and upgraded to a new case finish that is both more attractive and more durable.

    Simply connect the Big Ego+ to any current Apple or Windows computer and it will appear as an external sound card or DAC to your favorite audio player program. The Big Ego+ is powered by the USB connection, and requires no external power source, which makes it especially convenient for driving high quality headphones from a laptop or portable computer. It will also work with most modern smart phones and tablets that utilize USB-C connectors with the included USB-C connection cable (does not work natively with Apple Lightning connector). The Big Ego+ utilizes an asynchronous USB Audio Class 2 connection to deliver the best possible performance with modern high resolution content, but it also includes a UAC1 compatibility option which enables it to play audio from many older devices at sample rates up to 24/96k.

    Simple To Use

    • Simply connect the Big Ego+ to an available USB port on your computer or smart phone. It's powered by your USB port and looks like a sound card to your computer and player programs.
    • The asynchronous USB Audio Class 2 connection enables the Big Ego+ to play high resolution PCM audio files up to 32/384k on most computers and many modern smart phones without installing extra drivers. (Drivers are available for those still using Windows 7.)
    • The UAC1 compatibility mode enables the Big Ego+ to play high resolution PCM audio files up to 24/96k on many older devices and phones.
    • The Big Ego+ is small enough to fit in your pocket - yet substantial enough not to slide off the desk or get lost in your pencil compartment.

    Audiophile Sound Quality

    • Careful attention to detail ensures that whatever you play on your Big Ego+ will sound its absolute best.
    • A DAC is not merely a digital device. That's why we've made sure that the direct coupled audio signal path and carefully chosen analog components in the Big Ego+ won't compromise the superb performance of its digital circuitry.
    • The built-in high performance headphone amplifier sounds great with most headphones without the need for a separate headphone amp.

    Flexible Output Options

    • The separate line level output allows you to use the Big Ego+ with headphones without disconnecting it from your stereo system.
    • The built-in Toslink optical output provides a convenient way to send a copy of the signal the Big Ego+ is playing to a surround sound receiver or external DAC.

    Audiophile Listening Options

    • An easy to read LED display keeps you informed about the sample rate the Big Ego+ is receiving at all times - so no more need to guess what your source is really doing.
    • Asynchronous USB input circuitry and precision clocks ensure a crystal clear listening experience unaffected by common USB audio issues like jitter.
    • Three selectable oversampling filters allow you to fine tune the listening experience.
    • A separate user selectable headphone blend mode eliminates that "in your head" sound and makes headphones sound more like speakers.



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    Emotiva Big Ego+ USB DAC
    Emotiva Big Ego+ USB DAC

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    Emotiva Big Ego+ USB DAC
    Emotiva Big Ego+ USB DAC



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