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Nessie VinylMaster - Record Cleaner

Nessie VinylMaster - Record Cleaner

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A Integrated cleaning agent tank

The record cleaner is filled into the cleaning agent tank from above with the help of the Nessie funnel. The cleaning agent in the tank is sufficient for 100 LP cleaning cycles at least. The tank is made of PVC, the tank cover of polished stainless steel. We recommend using Nessie Vinylin. It is a first-class vinyl cleaner that is matched to the record-cleaning machine. Click here to display a list of suitable record cleaners available on the market.

B Accurate cleaner dosage

The machine ensures that an appropriate quantity of record-cleaning agent is applied to the record. There is no risk of applying too much or too few cleaning agent. Of course, you can apply more agent manually in particular cases. Just press the operating button to do this. Even though the machine operates in automatic mode, individual manipulation is possible at any time.

C Twin brush for groove-deep cleaning

The extremely soft nylon hairs of the two brushes have a diameter of 0.0075 mm and enter the upper part of the record groove without any problems. During the rotation of the turntable, thousands of superfine brush hairs run through the record grooves and loosen all dirt down to the groove bottom. The dirt particles are absorbed by the cleaning agent and can be extracted subsequently.

The record is cleaned over the entire grooved area by the Nessie twin brush. This is important because it ensures that the lead-in and lead-out grooves become clean as well.

D Ergonomic record clamp with label protection

A record clamp of solid aluminium is used to fix the record during the cleaning process on the turntable. The record clamp has an ergonomic design and is fitted with a rubber ring at the top of the handle to ensure a firm and secure grip. The shiny hard-chrome plating protects the record clamp against corrosion and turns it into a real eye-catcher on the appliance.

The label of your record is protected against moisture during the cleaning process. The bottom of the record clamp is fitted with a lip gasket that seals around label during cleaning.

E The Nessie extraction - low noise and gentle

When moving the drying arm over the record, extraction starts automatically. All loosened contamination is sucked off even from the bottom of the grooves. The spinning speed of the turntable is automatically reduced and the extraction power adjusted accordingly. A smooth velvet cushion protects the record surface during the extraction process. The vacuum pump is automatically turned off after the direction of rotation has been changed once. The drying process is optimally controlled and cannot be influenced by the user.

By the way, Nessie will not upset your neighbours because the extraction system is low noise thanks
to consequent insulation with Basotec® acoustic foam.

F One Touch operating button on the worktop

You will hardly believe it but the machine can be operated with a single push-button. Sensors in the brush and extraction arms provide for automatic control. This makes the manipulation of the appliance really easy. You need not crane your neck to find the appropriate operating button.

G NEW! Acoustical Cleaning timer for cycle optimisation

The cleaning time is measured by the electronic control system with the help of a timer. The timer signals acoustically when the record is clean. The end of the cleaning cycle is also indicated by the LED integrated in the push button. The best cleaning time was determined experimentally in several thousand cleaning cycles. The Nessie cleaning timer ensures perfect cleaning while preventing your records from wear and tear to the greatest possible extent. If you want to clean a record shorter or longer, you can do this of course.

H Automatic adjustment to warps

No record is perfectly plane. The two brush elements of the Nessie twin brush are therefore suspended individually. They adjust to warps up to 2 mm in height automatically.

J Dynamic cleaning due to changes in the direction of rotation

The spinning direction of the turntable alternates every two rotations automatically. This provides for dynamic cleaning because all brush hairs are realigned after each change. Thanks to the electronically controlled soft start-up, the change of direction is free from jerks and smooth.

kNEW! Intensive cleaning programme

Sometimes, it may be necessary to clean a record very profoundly. The intensive cleaning programme of Nessie Vinylmaster® provides a cleaning cycle of 20 minutes for this task. During the intensive cycle, liquid is automatically reapplied as required. This ensures that even severely contaminated records become clean down to the grooves again.

Press the start button for three seconds to activate the intensive cleaning programme.



Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x D) 400mm x 330mm x 170mm
Weight 9 kg
Voltage 230V/50Hz
Wattage in cleaning mode 8 Watt
Wattage in extraction mode 255 Watt
Protection Classes 1, IP40
Declaration of Conformity CE
Cleaning agent tank capacity 525 ml
Waste water tank capacity 450 ml

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Nessie  VinylMaster - Record Cleaner
Nessie VinylMaster - Record Cleaner

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Nessie  VinylMaster - Record Cleaner
Nessie VinylMaster - Record Cleaner



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